Achy Knees Won’t Stop Me

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Suffering from stiff joints and achy knees?

It’s tough when you’re ready to move, but don’t know how long you’ll last until the pain kicks in. It happens to many of us, young and old, and the stiffness and ache can be caused by a variety of issues. Mild injuries develop overtime from overuse and major injuries can be a result of a torn ACL.

Some tips to not only relieve your joint pain, but help you power through it:

  1. Keep moving, but know your limits. Learn your body through and through, so you can better determine when it’s safe to continue exercising and when it’s best to rest.
  2. Safety First. If an activity calls for it, don’t be afraid to pad it up, or even wear a brace if it feels necessary. Take care of your body. 
  3. Stretching, as always, is fundamentally important. For stretching, do a little research to find what best suits you and targets your specific joint pain. However, it’s better to do a light warm-up first before you exercise and don’t place any more strain on your joints or muscles.
  4. If the pain is consistent, try your hand at low-impact activities. These include walking, bicycling, swimming, and strength training.
  5. Avoid quick repetitive movements and broaden your range. Stretching plays a key part in this, as does muscle strengthening. Try new forms and new exercises that target new muscles — but remember – only change one aspect of your exercise routine at a time.
  6. Make slight changes to your diet and incorporate foods that can help reduce inflammation and keep your joints happy.
  7. Aftercare: place ice on muscles and joints that hurt the most after an exercise. Ice has numbing power and eases swelling. Do not apply it directly, but use a towel and hold it in place for 20 minutes.


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