American Cancer Society

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Fighting The Good Fight

The mission: Save lives and free the world from cancer.

Though cancer has been around for centuries, the American Cancer Society (ACS) was only first established in 1913. At the time, talking about it was considered to be a big taboo. Despite this, 10 doctors and 5 laypeople joined together in New York City. The initial goal was to raise awareness.

Step 1: write and publish several articles on the subject. Step 2: recruit more doctors to better educate the public on the deadly disease.

When WWII hit, the growing organization came to a halt. Resources and attention had to be placed elsewhere. As soon as the war ended, the ACS was able to focus their efforts on cancer once again. With greater ambition and vigor, they established a working research program. In 1947, the “Cancer Signals” Campaign was released to further promote awareness. The campaign established warning signals and signs of the disease. Despite their hard work and efforts, the phenomenon hasn’t been completely eradicated. However, major progress has been made!

Since the research program was created, the ACS has:

  • Established a link between smoking and cancer.
  • Perfected and proved the effectiveness of a Pap test.
  • Developed cancer fighting drugs.
  • Discovered biological response modifiers, such as interferons.
  • Increased the cure rate for childhood leukemia.
  • And much, much more…

Their mission remains the same; they want everyone to live longer and healthier lives. However, the organization needs our help. In fact, every cent counts.

The ACS uses donations to:

  • Fund and conduct research on cancer
  • To share their expert information
  • Support millions of patients and multicultural communities 
  • And spread the importance of prevention.


Visit their site and see how great of an impact they make!