Beginner’s Essentials

Equipment and Gear | March 30, 2018 | By

So you want to be a runner…

Starting to actively run can be its own challenge, and on top of that, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you need and don’t need. Runners who have years of experience already have set outfits and fixed gears that they’re comfortable and familiar with. I don’t suggest that you dive in head first and purchase all the most popular running equipment, but rather buy a few basic essentials and test them out. Discover what is best for you.
Two articles from lay out exactly what beginning runners should have when they start this journey.


The Essentials:

  1. Good running shoes!
  2. Do not overdress and don’t wear anything restricting.
  3. A watch or an armband for your smartphone, as long as you have something to keep time.
  4. Good music.
  5. And a foam roller – it’s important to take care of your body after your run, too.


Running Gear for Beginners

Basic Gear

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