Eating Habits for the Win!

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Improve Your Diet One Bite at a Time

We’ve touched on this briefly in previous posts, but now it’s time for “Eating Habits” to shine. Changing your diet, as we all know, is a tricky thing to do especially when we’ve grown accustomed to eating the way we do. Many times, it is our schedules that conflict and make it difficult to develop healthier eating habits. Don’t think of it as a weight loss regime, but rather a lifestyle change!

What to do:

  1. Eat the rainbow, taste the rainbow.
    • Every veggie and every fruit, they provide necessary nutrients and vitamins for your body. As many of us know, each one serves a different purpose.
    • And for any meal, start with the veggies first.
  2. Avoid boredom by trying new things.
    • Moderation is important, and if you begin to eat the same thing over and over again one night to the next, you’ll get sick of it as will your body.
    • Not only mix up your routine, but add new foods and dishes to the lineup – you’ll never know what you’ll enjoy.
  3. Pay attention to what you’re eating and what you put in your body.
    • Additionally, mindless eating or stress eating (e.g. sitting on the couch while eating a whole bag of potato chips) is not only bad health-wise, but can trigger the beginning of a bad habit.
  4. Start your day with a good AND nutritional breakfast.
  5. Eat slower.
    • May be a little tricky when you’re rushing to work and don’t really have the time to enjoy your breakfast, but if that’s the case you can work to improve your schedule while you improve your eating habits.
  6. Read ingredient labels and avoid sneaky sugars/fats.
  7. Cook more and eat out less.

    • This way you can better control the portions and ingredients.
    • And when you do eat out, split the appetizer with a friend.
    • Write out your grocery list before hand and meal prep for the week at the same time.
  8. Save leftovers instead of trying to finish the meal in one go.
  9. Hide your sweets.
  10. Don’t let yourself starve.
    • The day gets away from us sometimes, but we can’t allow ourselves to go hungry.
    • This opens up space for less-than-healthy cravings and bingeing.
    • Plan out your meals and your snacks in order to curb this bad eating habit.
  11. Use smaller plates and bowls. Again, portion control!
  12. Drink Water!
    • Always say YES to H2O.
    • Less soda and juice.


Remember: You are your own worst critic, but don’t be so harsh on yourself! It’s okay to slip up when it comes to your diet.

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