How to Prepare for the Big Day!

Rocky Point 5K starts in 12 hours!

Are you ready?
Feeling nervous and jittery?

Here’s how to prepare yourself and your body for the big day:

  • Training
    • There’s no need to train, instead let your body rest and recuperate.
    • However, you can also opt for a 10 minute run and a few neuromuscular exercises. Just make sure you feel refreshed and not drained.
  • Eating
    • Don’t worry about breakfast and lunch, they stay the same.
    • However, dinner should be light.
      • Carbohydrates and lean proteins.
      • Avoid high fats and fiber
  • Drinking
    • Hydration is always important, especially before a big race.
      • But you are allowed to substitute fruit juice or a sports drink a few times.
    • Avoid alcohol the night before.
  • Verify Race Information
    • Double check the start time and location.
    • Pick up your race essentials (shirt, number, goody bag), if you have the time.
  • Nighttime Prep
    • Pack your own bag of essentials the night before.
      • This way you won’t stress about it the morning of.
    • Brush up on weather reports and ensure you have the necessary items;
      • If it’s hot, pack sunscreen.
      • If it’s raining, bring a rain poncho.

Good luck and remember to have fun!


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