How to Shop for Running Shoes

How to Shop for Running Shoes

You can’t run without shoes, and you can’t run well unless you got a good pair. The best running shoe for you depends on the shape of your foot and, honestly, the amount of running you plan to do. An avid runner would most likely have a different pair of sneakers from someone who runs every once in a while.

Finding the right fit, Cinderella style:

  1. Experimentation is allowed. Try different brands and models until you find the right fit.
  2. Make sure that the pair you buy are appropriate and intended for running.
    • Seems like a “Dur” suggestion, but you do need to be careful. It’s not just about the shoe looking nice.
  3. The advantages of GOOD running shoes: 
    • Superior Cushioning
    • Flexibility in the right places
    • Stability or Motion control
    • Traction on road or trails
    • Torsional stability – stiff where needed
    • Night-time reflection
    • Breathability
  4.  Also, know your arch – it can make all the difference.


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