Sugar & Spice – It’s Not All That Nice

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Sugar is one of our greatest weaknesses and though we know it’s bad, we continue to breathe it in. It’s sneaky and comes in many forms, and not every form is necessarily bad. However, we find it in practically everything we consume today – especially processed foods. It’s no secret that too much sugar is bad for our health, so it is vital that we learn how to limit how much we take in. If you’ve been itching to cut down on sugar, here are some tricks and tips that we’ve gathered to make liftoff easier.

Some of the Nasties:

  1. High sugar intake can increase chances of cancer, some sugar molecules can even aid in malignant growth.
  2. Impairs the function of white blood cells, i.e. your immune system.
  3. Promotes weight gain, a sad given.
  4. Can lead to Type II Diabetes
  5. And disrupts the transfer of amino acids to muscles

How to avoid and limit your sugar intake:

  1. First things first, get down and research. Natural occurring sugars are processed differently from “added” sugar. When grocery shopping, know what to look for. Check the ingredient list and see if you can spot any key words that hint at added sugar.
  2. This is a repeat, but try to limit (or even eliminate) sodas and fruit juices from your diet. Instead, try your hand at healthier alternatives.
  3. Reach for unsweetened products instead, like plain yogurt and apple sauce.
  4. No more processed food! I’ll admit, this one is probably the hardest. Even if you can’t entirely stop, try to limit how much of it you buy.
  5. Start cooking and try to make your own tomato sauce. If you don’t consider yourself much of a culinary chef, or don’t have the time, substitute red sauce with fresh, diced tomatoes.
  6. Fresh fruit is much better and healthier for you than dried or canned fruit. Food manufacturers may try to sneak in a little added sugar or syrup to extend the shelf life.
  7. Sleep more and opt for a savory breakfast instead of a heaping plate of pancakes with maple syrup. You’re less likely to crave sugar if you got a good amount of sleep the night before. Treat yourself! Go to bed a little earlier if you know you’re not getting the hours you need.


Stay on your toes and keep an eye out!

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