Drink Drink Drink

by Kate Guilmette, Nutritionist – Malchar Wellness Center

5Drink drink drink. We know it is super important to stay hydrated during a workout. But what do we drink? Water or Gatorade? Which one should we drink and when should we drink it? While there is no bad time to drink either there are a few scenarios where one is more necessary than the other. You should always have one (or both) on you for any workout no matter what the length. However; for runs that are longer than 45 minutes water alone is not going to cut it. At that point your body is going to need some carbs and electrolytes to keep you going on pace and keep you from crashing before the finish. Even if you do not like the taste at the very least your water should be mixed with a sports drink (equal parts). This way you are able to get the benefits of the sports drink without the flavor being as strong. Now, how much do we need to make sure we stay hydrated? A good rule of thumb for any run under 45 minutes is 4-6 ounces of water every 20 minutes. When drinking you want to make sure you are taking small sips and not chugging as this will cause cramps. For runs longer than 45 minutes, especially at and 8-minute mile pace or faster, 6-8 ounces of water should be consumed every 20 minutes. If you are not able to carry a water bottle with you on your run you can always stash your own drinks along your course or make sure to stop at a convince store during you work out. 

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