Couch to 5K Week 2: Focus on the Positives

by Dr. Brian Hay, DPT, MS, OCS | Performance Physical Therapy

If this is the first time you’ve ever tried a running program, then right about now you’re probably feeling a mix of emotions.

You’re tired, sore, and don’t think running is right for you. You may be thinking that you don’t even like to run, and you have no idea why you even started this.

Just take a deep breath and don’t give up, instead, try to focus on the positives.

Here are some of my tips on making running more fun and how to get back to enjoying your workout!

Bring Music

Instead of putting your music on shuffle and hoping for a good song to come on, try creating a running playlist. Pick songs that you know will pump you up and give you the energy you need to finish your workout. Also choose songs that are fun and upbeat, if you’re enjoying the music it will make your workout fly by!

Try Running with a Friend

Don’t do this alone. Try running with a friend (that includes the ones with fur and 4 legs) to keep you company. Having someone along for the run will make it more enjoyable and fell less like exercise, you guys can even challenge one other, to help stay motivated.

Take the Scenic Route

Tired of running around your neighborhood? Find a nice trail or scenic area you can run instead. You can get out of your same routine and enjoy a new side of nature while you’re at it!

Set Goals for Yourself

Set personal goals. Don’t focus on becoming better, faster, or stronger than someone else, instead focus on yourself. Set a goal to workout longer next week, or improve your time, if you have a goal in mind then you won’t want to quit.

Think About the Finish Line

Take a minute and envision yourself on race day. You made it to the finish line, you did it, and you never gave up. You trained hard for this day, and you made it happen. The crowd is cheering you on, and you have never felt this confident in yourself. Whenever you’re doubting yourself just picture that finish line and keep moving. So, keep up the hard work, and go finish training for that race!

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