What should you remember the night before a race?

by Kate Guilmette, Nutritionist – Malchar Wellness Center. 

Sneakers…. socks…. shorts…. water…. Carbs…. yes! Carbs should be the first thought on your mind the night before your big race. When planning dinner make sure you have a heavy carb-loaded meal such as pasta or your favorite noodle dish. Keep in mind we want to be eating whole wheat or whole grain pasta, and make sure there is also a healthy protein source in our meal, such as chicken. The extra carbs we consume will allow our body to have the added energy source we will need the next day for our big run (carbs are broken down into glucose in the body, which is the body’s main source of fuel). Our meal should be about 50% grains, 20-25% vegetable and the remaining percentage protein.

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